Arthur Farncombe's Pictures

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Arthur, with his wife, Bron, and children, Paul and Ann, worked for the Agricultural Department in Petauke, Fort Roseberry, Kasama and for the Zambia College of Agriculture in Monze before going to the Ministry in Lusaka.

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Petauke Boma

Agricultural House at Petauke.
Our home for six glorious years.

Petauke Boma Dam carried a good stock of bream.

Detail - the family fishing!

Dam built in Nyanje area on N.R. Portuguese East border for irrigation scheme.

Fish ponds built below dam wall maintained from overflow from dam.

Fort Jameson Church before thatch roof replaced by corrugated iron.


Fort Jameson Airport.


Lundazi Government "Rest House" built by the D.C. Button and known as
"Rumplestiltskin Castle".


The view from the front of "Rumplestiltskin Castle".

Travelling through the Congo Pedicle on route to Fort Roseberry.

Re-entering N.R. via Chembe Pontoon over the Luapula River.

Our Fort Roseberry home.

Detail - Bron.

Lusaka Hotel

Ministry of Rural Development Headquarters - Mulungushi House

New Lusaka Airport concourse.

The "Big Tree" - a huge baobab at Victoria Falls.

Statue erected in memory of David Livingstone.

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