Magazine Covers and some articles

Rhokana Review, December 1962. A magazine for the employees of Rhokana Corporation Limited. Illustration: Checking horizontally cast copper wire bars in Rhokana's Refinery. Article called Safety Reminders. This page needs what in Australia we call an MA classification (for viewing only by mature adults) for its horror, blood and violence.

Rhokana Review, February 1962. The pin-up girl is Marcia Pennington, "pretty television personality". If my memory serves me aright, she also worked in Kitwe Public Library. Article (part1 part2) about Mindola Dam, well known to many, which was about to disappear.

The Zambian Review, January 1965. Published by Associated Reviews, Ndola. It has supplements, Building and Construction Review and The Zambian Trader.Article about the Leviathans (part1 part2)! People in Australia, where we have these huge beasts in the large mines in the north, are somewhat surprised when I tell them how I used to see them around the Copperbelt, in the middle of "darkest" Africa, nearly 40 years ago. "Where did you live?" they ask. I tell them, Zimbabwe and Zambia. "Ah yes," they respond. "What was it like in South Africa?" I've spent the last 33 years explaining that Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa are three different countries. In the early 1960's, I had a chat with a fellow in London who seemed very interested and well informed about Southern Rhodesia. It all went well until he paused, and asked, "Southern Rhodesia. Now let's see. That's in Australia, isn't it?"

The Northern Rhodesia Journal, Vol. V, No. 1, 1962. Published from Rhodes-Livingstone Museum, Livingstone. With picture of the Luangwa Bridge.

Zambia, June 1966. Published by Zambia Information Services, Lusaka. Printed by Falcon Press, Ndola.
Short articles from Zambia June 1966. The "Masters of Sculpture" exhibition included the Rodin sculptures I referred to previously. Centre-spread from the same.

AA Members Handbook, 1967­68, Automobile Association, Zambia. Car Registration Letters from the Handbook. This one should raise some memories!