The Year Book and Guide to Southern Africa, 1951 edition
Published by Robert Hale Limited, London

A few advertisements to evoke some more memories of days of yore, from a book of over 900 pages plus 48 pages of maps. All for 8/6d, too.

Front of dust-jacket

South African Airways
Here's the very latest in air-liners - a Lockheed Constellation.

Union Castle
They're all over this book!

Lion Lager

Rhodesia Railways
Showing a route which might now be somewhat hazardous to life and limb.

The Ford agents.

The Belgian Congo
Things have certainly changed since this was printed.

Victoria Falls Hotel

The first of my brothers to go to Southern Rhodesia left Southampton in 1947 to join the BSAP. The next went to Ndola in 1948 to work for Rhodesia Railways. They sent this book to my parents when they were planning their 1953 exodus, after I had left school. The rest of the family stayed in Englandand in recent years, aged in their 70's, have sometimes wondered how different their lives might have been if they had joined us.