Zambia Independence Day

October 24 1964, Kitwe

The Flame of Independence was brought by a runner and presented to the Mayor who then lit the main torch.

The last in this short set shows the illuminations of Kitwe's main street at night. The raising of the Zambian flag took place in the evening, or perhaps it was the previous evening. We assembled in the city square, and it was a very moving occasion. I felt proud to be there, having played a small role in the background in the events that led to Independence (I was asked, at one stage, if I would stand as a UNIP candidate for election to the City Council. When I discreetly enquired of my African friends why my name was on the list, why I had been asked, because I wasn't a member of UNIP, they reminded me that I was a pre-Independence sympathizer: I had been one of the few Europeans who had signed Sir Stewart Gore-Brown's nomination paper as a parliamentary candidate for UNIP).