Andrew Lean's Codrington Visit - July 2004

Hi Ian
We had a great visit to Zambia, the country is definitely on the up and up, most main roads have been resurfaced and are an absolute pleasure.  Lusaka is booming with new shopping malls opening everywhere, but Cairo roads traffic is still a mess, the two roundabouts at either end are totally inadequate to handle the traffic volume, took 45 min to get from one side of town to the other. A lot of Zimbabwean farmers have moved to Zambia and are making a big difference to the agricultural production, had the largest tobacco crop in Zambia's history this past year.
Mazabuka is now a major sugar producer, a South African company has opened a sugar mill and has 22000 hectares of cane. They have also sponsored small scale farmers and assist them with production.
Keith Coventry is still there and doing well, has a farm school on the farm with about 400 pupils. George Reeve and Anthony Collett are also still in Maz.
Codrington School I'm afraid is quite run down, it is now a Government Basic Primary School, with about 1400 pupils. The hostel has been converted into class rooms, and they have two sessions a day, to cater for the increased number of scholars. I spent a few hours there, and was shown around the school by the Headmaster who complained about the lack of financial support from the government, and that most of the parents did not earn enough to enable them to pay school fees, about $20 a year. There are no lights in the class rooms, the fittings are still there, but no money for maintenance, or the electricity bill. 
I am enclosing a few photos, quite sad to say the least.
Regards, Andrew   

Looking towards the main classroom block.

Looking from the same position as the previous photo but towards the hostel.

The hostel entrance - now more classrooms.

Looking towards the playing fields. Is that the old tennis practice wall on the left?

The swimming pool!

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