Codrington School - Recollections

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21 January 2002

Dear Ian,

Firstly, thank you for the most recent update on the teachers and pupils at Codrington. It is rather fascinating recalling the past.

With regards the pupils at Codrington, I can add the following;-

Deryck Cantley was killed in a motor bike accident in Johannesburg round at 1970

Barry Davidson is living somewhere in Johannesburg as is Guy. John Whitaker has all the details. I will ask him next time I see him

Ian Rodwell as far as I remember is somewhere in Britain having been or is in the RAF. Once again John Whitaker has details.

Mike Berry and Tom Eva are two more who you can add to the 1951 list. Last I heard they are both in Zambia in the Lusaka/Mazabuka area.

Andrew (Tich) Middleton, born 1953? Last heard living in Cape Town

With regards myself - In 1959 I was in S1. I am now living in Hilton in KwaZulu Natal not far from John Whitaker. I have my own business in Personnel and specialising in Agriculture covering Southern Africa. I have contact with Zambia on a fairly regular basis. Currently in contact with Doug Cantley and Orville Horton.

As a request would it be at all possible to include some type of contact details such as e-mail addresses. Would be great to get in touch with each other. After all it is nearly forty years that we left Codrington.
Should any further details come to hand I will certainly pass them on to you.


Rob Buchanan - Codrington 1957 - 1963

Sometime in 2001!

Just a few things I jotted down in a email to Colin Addis.

I recall Anthony and, dimly, Joe Chowles, Vernon Cantlay along with Willy Boshoff all are remembered as being very grown up - must have been at least two years older than me!

Michael O'Connel the head's son - Grant Bowker - Fiona Gregor whose ringlets and pigtails were fair game in our classroom!

Quite a lot of other names are remembered, particularly when jogged by looking through 'The Duiker' but faces and personalities fail to come to mind.

Bok-bok at the tree.

The climbing frame where I remember sitting learning my lines for 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

Kick the can and three sticks behind the hostel.

Somebody nearly killing himself behind the old generator house with a home made super firework made from leftovers from Bonfire Night.

The tunnel at the bottom of the big football pitch which was constructed by our elders after seeing Colditz Story - luckily discovered before it got anywherenear the four strand non-electrified fence!

Being slippered by Saundie forbeing in a mess from helping construct Kariba dam complete with water, again down at the tap at the bottom of the pitch (I was always more interested in things at the bottom of the pitch rather than on it I'm afraid.

Miss Loots teaching us to swim by standing on one leg beside the pool and doing the actions - it worked for me!

Saturday bioscope in the hall with the partitions opened up and sharing a can of caramelised condensed milk bought co-operatively with a friend from our one shilling pocket money.

Ian Singer - Codrington 1959 - 1962

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