Law and Order

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Northern Rhodesia Troubles

These cuttings about the pre-independence troubles of 1960/61 are from Roy Williams. The quality of my scans is not good but the originals are somewhat discoloured!

Dr Foust

C.A.R.S. Bus

Mundu Bridge, Chinsali

Mrs Burton

Fort Rosebery - Kasama Attack

More Africans Shot

Luapula Death Threats

I read these in detail just after reading Kenneth Kaunda's book, 'Zambia shall be free' which obviously looks at the struggle for independence from a different perspective but at the same time condemns violence.

Congo Troubles

These cuttings are from Roy Williams.

Belgian Nuns

Baluba Vengeance


Freedom - Magic Box

Kivu Province

Death Throes of a City

Federation Must Learn

I well remember the refugees who sought refuge in the Luapula Province and having to be flown over the Pedicle for the school holidays.

Special Constables

These items are from Roy Williams whose father, Alex, was a 'Special'.

Notes for Special Constables

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Letter of Apppointment

Lusaka Householder Info

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Lusaka Patrol Notes

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May '53 Kalomo Householder Notice

Government Letter About Chilanga Derailment - again from Roy Williams' collection.

Life in Prison - a Horizon Article

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